Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to basic questions about the site and troubleshoot some common issues.

About Us

What is ArtOnPorcelain? So What Does ArtOnPorcelain Charge? So How Does ArtOnPorcelain Make Money? What's the Catch? How do I register on ArtOnPorcelain? Who are the sellers on Can anyone sell their porcelain creations on ArtOnPorcelain? How do I register as a seller on ArtonPorcelain? 
 What is an ArtonPorcelain Studio/Shop? 


How do I find products on ArtOnPorcelain? I'm a buyer why should I register on ArtOnPorcelain? How do I initiate a purchase on ArtonPorcelain? What happens after I place an order? What payment options are available? Do I have to pay for my purchases right away? What do I need to know about shipping? 
 Can I have items sent to multiple shipping address? Can I Contact the Artist/Seller? Do I have to have an account to buy things? Why should I leave a comment? 
 What is the difference between primary and secondary shipping?

Your Studio

What is 'My Art On Porcelain'? How do I set up my security question? How do I change my other information, such as my address?


Why should I sign up as an Advanced or Pro member? How does selling work? 
 Which products can I sell on ArtonPorcelain? 
 Which countries can I sell in? 
 How do I list items? 
 Which payment methods can I offer? How do I manage my listings? 
 What do "confirmation" and "automatic confirmation" mean? 
 Can I modify my active listings? What happens when I mark an order as shipped? What studio elements do I need to complete in order to sell? What am I allowed to sell on ArtonPorcelain? Where should I list my item? Fine Art, Dolls, Jewelry, Mixed Media, Sculpture or Supplies/Vintage? How do I edit a product I've already listed? How do I change my accepted methods of payment? How do I create a shipping profile? Once I list, where will my items appear on the site? How do I relist my items? How am I billed for my ADVANCED OR PRO membership? What is minimum requirements that I have to complete in order to begin selling on ArtOnPorcelain Why do I need to create a My Bio Page? When I post a work to the site, where can I see that it has actually posted? How are the items listed when visitors browse Categories? Does Tagging Help Potential Buyers to Find My Items? What can I do as a seller to increase my visibility on the Internet?


How can I start selling on ArtOnPorcelain? Can I change my username? Can I create a new account and transfer my information to it? What can I do to increase my own security? How does ArtOnPorcelain use Primary and Secondary shipping to calculate the shipping total? How many accounts can I have? How do I set up my bio? How do I upload my shop image (avatar)? What happens when you Browse/Search within Categories? What is My Market Hub? Where can I find my studio URL? How do newsletters and notifications work? 
 Why don't I receive my emails form ArtOnPorcelan? How does ArtonPorcelain provide for my safety? Where can I get the ArtonPorcelain App for Facebook? 

Your Account

What kinds of accounts do you offer? How do I upgrade my account to the Advanced or Pro membership? How do I change my address and other account information? Can I cancel my account at any time? How do I activate my Studio account? Where can I see all my orders and sold items? What are active, inactive and sold listings? Which fees do I have to pay to ArtonPorcelain? 

Site Features

Why should I rate the transaction? What is a WishList? What is a My Market? 
 How does ArtOnPorcelain provide for my safety? How do shipping costs work? 
 Searching for Specific Items What sort of promotional tools are available on ArtonPorcelain?


What do I do if an item I purchased is damaged or unsatisfactory? What do I do if I forgot my username and/or password? Can I make corrections to my username? I cannot see my newly uploaded banner. How do I activate my account? What can I do if I put in the wrong username/misspelled my username? I edited my images then uploaded the new ones. Now I cannot see my newly uploaded images. What do I do? How do I report a dispute or a problem?