Round Porcelain Canvas Tile 2 and 3/8"


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Round Porcelain Canvas Tiles: 2 and 3/8" x .0025" thick - very thin, very transparent porcelain tiles they have a satin, not glossy, glaze.

You can paint on either side. Fire the tile at any of the Porcelain over-glaze temperatures. You can use all of your regular porcelain paints with the exception of brown green colors. These colors don't fire normally so I recommend to test fire your favorite brown greens. In addition if you prefer a glazed/shinny effect on the time. After the last fire is done, you can use a Magnolia Glaze. Mix color as you normally would and paint a smooth coat over the entire tile. Make sure you can't see the brush strokes. Fire at same temperature you fired your painting at. ENJOY

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