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Debbi’s childhood was based in rural England, in a small country town. There, she lived, surrounded by woodland, farmland with the animals and birds that lived and frequented those habitats.

Always feeling an inner need to draw and paint, she would spend many hours engrossed in capturing the essence of the animals with which she has always had a great love and passion for.

When Debbi left school, she began work in the graphics department of a publishing house in London. It was during this time that she was introduced to porcelain painting.

Transferring her artistic skills to work in the medium of porcelain painting was an easy and pleasant adjustment. Debbi was very fortunate to have ready access to many wonderful artists that worked in the porcelain factories of Derby and Worcester.

Porcelain painting has been the platform, which has enabled Debbi to teach students wishing to improve their skills in this particular art form. Debbi has traveled world wide which enabled her to study with many other artists in this diverse field. She has taught given demonstrations and seminars in many countries around the world, America, France, Portugal, Hong Kong, and of course the UK. Debbie lives in Australia where she currently teaches where he resides in with her husband and son.

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