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Hi I'm Patricia Ritter. I took my first china-painting lesson in 1980. I never wanted to be stuck in any one genre or compositional trap. From that time I knew that this medium was meant for me. There are infinite possibilities and facets to china painting on porcelain and it inspired me.

China painting is a fine art, (not to be confused with ceramics) which uses minerals that are mixed with flux (glass particles) and oils which are then painted onto porcelain, glass, or glazed ceramic tile. The work is kiln fired and is permanently bonded to the piece. You can think of a china painting canvas as a porcelain/ceramic/or glass object.

My training includes a Bachelor of Arts in Design with great distinction from San Jose State University. After graduating I worked full time in Commercial Art. I have won numerous awards as a commercial artist and in porcelain painting. I have studied painting on porcelain extensively in the US for over 30 years. I have dedicated years to attending seminars and taking private lessons with some of the best teachers available in this field. I am an active member of the World Organization of China Painters and the International Porcelain Artist and Teachers.

I find that my goal as an artist is to simply inspire others. I get my inspiration from the natural world around me and I love recreating it. I create art as part of my desire to help bring the beauty I see to the viewer. I will paint anything that causes an internal response in me that says, I LOVE this! I combine realism and impressionism to create paintings that reflect my love of nature. My paintings are about the excitement I feel when I see a newly opened flower, fruit growing on a tree, birds in a nest or a beautiful landscape. They are about my wonder and intrigue with a particular objects light and color, old or new. It is my hope that the viewer of my work will be inspired by what they see

Artisan Gallery

Lace Draped Doll Done in 1990

Portrait of my Grandson Done in 2010

Still Life with Tulips done in 2010

Portrait of my niece done in 2010

Quick Blurb: Talented, highly skilled, awarding winning artist in the art of china painting on porcelain. Interests: I have many interests. I love to paint of course, but being outdoors and enjoying the sunshine of Chandler Arizona, in my book just can't be beat. I love to hike, bike, scuba, camp, snow and water sports and much much more. But most of all I love spending time with my family. Skills and Techniques: All art pieces are one of a kind, hand painted originals of the HIGHEST QUALITY. Each fine art piece is created by a highly skilled artist in the medium of china painting on porcelain.

China paints are mineral based paints and require many kiln fires. It is a multi-step process. One layer of paint is applied on the porcelain piece, and then fired in a kiln which is followed by several other layers of color and kiln fires. There can be many layers of color and many kiln fires on a single piece. Most pieces take many hours of painting over a period of days or weeks.

This highly sought after, unique technique gives the artist the ability to add debt and shadows with a translucent effect that cannot be replicated with any other painting medium. You will have a rare opportunity to own a VERY VALUABLE, cherished family heirloom for many generations to come.
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