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RealD'arte is a Portuguese company founded in 1993 dedicated to the production of fine porcelain products, but not just high quality in hand-painted porcelain, but to works of art!

Acquiring a piece of porcelain from RealD'arte constitutes an act which reflects a cultural understanding and an appreciation of what is commonly known as "good taste". Each piece exemplifies the highest quality in materials an craftsmanship.

To this end, we use only Limoges (France) porcelain body which utilizes Kaolin from New Zealand. (The basic ingredients for porcelain are white ball clay, quartz, feldspar and Kaolin.) We then fire each piece at 1380 degrees C to transform these basic ingredients into a pure white, translucent piece that reflects the best quality porcelain available in the world today.

Porcelain pieces from RealD'arte distinguish themselves for other ceramic products by their transparency, resistance, complete lack of porosity and that pure, clear sound that comes from nothing but the highest quality porcelain when flicked by a finger.

In the following pages you will see both classical and modern shapes produced by ReadD"arte that grace the homes of many throughout Europe and America.

Artisan Gallery

Quick Blurb: The founder of ReadD'arte, Mario Duarte, is a well-known and recognized artist who has provided international communities, over the many years of his career, with valuable works of art in porcelain. These works of art reflect both his artistic skills as well as his knowledge of the history of porcelain that were acquired by his association and involvement with some of the world's best schools of porcelain. Interests: ART, ART .... ART AND MORE. To create, requires above all to be equipped with imagination, to connect the vast and varied outside world to express feelings through words, shapes, colors and sounds. Skills and Techniques: "Uvas Douradas" is a rich decoration employing a border of cobalt blue (fired at 1300 degrees C with a grape vine design engraved in gold with gold closeout lines.

"Imari Bouquet" is an elegant design adapted from a rare 18th Century octagonal plate. In incorporates green along with the more tradition blue, red and gold of the Imari pallet to give this stunning design a real sense of

"Decor Lamego" This decoration is an example taken from the famous 18th Century Portuguese repertoire of decorative tiles. It reflects to use of cobalt blue (fired at 1300 degrees C) In its many hues and accented by gold.
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